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I create handmade rosary beads, prayer beads, spiritual beads and mala beads. I enjoy creating all kinds of prayer beads, but my largest collection currently consists of Catholic rosary beads, Anglican rosaries and One decade rosary beads.

I create prayer beads

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Hello and welcome to my information web site - my name is Emma jane Brown and I create and sell handmade rosary beads and prayer beads in the UK. Most of my products can be purchased from the Atalya Designs website, just click here to view them: www.atalyadesigns.co.uk

You can explore this web site to find out a little more about me and the products I create - but you cannot purchase anything from this site, it's purely for further information about the artisan.


All of my handmade pieces are created using healing gemstones and precious beads for a more beneficial prayer tool. Sometimes we need extra help or guidance whilst saying our prayers, so I decided to use beads that could bring a sense of peace. Many crystals and gemstones have healing properties within them and each gemstone can provide a 'specific' healing property that can bring much comfort and peace to your soul. Just by holding the items in the palm of your hand can generate a sense of peace, calm or love within your heart. It's hoped that with regular prayer or by keeping your items close by, you'll not only feel closer to God but feel the loving energy of the gemstones as well.

I have a large collection of rosary beads for prayer and meditation available on the Atalya Designs retail site. Each piece that I create is entirely unique and lovingly crafted from high quality materials. Only the strongest wire, sterling silver findings, antique bronze and antique silver parts are used within each item. I hope you find something to treasure and pray on for many years.

May your days be filled with much love and healing light, you are truly blessed and very loved. God bless you always,

Emma Jane

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